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Hogar San Pablo Orphanage

The existing Hogar San Pablo was once Cerro del Vigia, a Carmelite convent. In 1975, Hurricane Olivia slammed into Mazatlán virtually destroying the property. About this time Father Pedro Tovar Cortes was searching for a location where he could create a home for a growing number of youngsters residing in his modest parish home. During a walk one day he saw the remains of the convent and knew this was where he would establish his boys’ home.  First it was a home for sons of convicts but later was devoted to boys he rescued from the streets.

In 2003 Tres Islas Orphanage Fund donors, Bob and Janet Schmitt, toured Hogar San Pablo and discovered the deplorable living conditions. Tres Islas Orphanage Fund founder, Donelle Manton, was contacted to help with food purchases and Tres Islas has been purchasing food weekly since 2003. Presently, Tres Islas provides approximately $300 worth of food each week.  School supplies including, uniforms, shoes, and backpacks are also provided. Many projects in the past years provided by Tres Islas have brought living conditions into better repair.

The home serves between 30-38 boys. They are able to play basketball after dark now thanks to lights and wiring provided by Tres Islas donors.